Our Service Department Will Remain Open For All Service Needs. Our Temporary Hours Will Be From 8:00 A.M. Until 4:30 P.M., Monday Through Thursday, and 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. On Friday. Thank You And Please Stay Safe.

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Brandon is such a nice kid.

- Wayne K. March 18, 2016

Tom is the best! I am very happy with American Appliance Repair. He fixed everything without a problem, another company that came out messed up.

- Polo E. March 18, 2016

Ken is so sweet every time he comes to my house.

- Rachel T. March 18, 2016

John was fantastic!

- Pam M. March 18, 2016

Joe was very nice and very helpful and just wanted to let you know.

- Lupe P. March 18, 2016

I loved Steven. I am going to tell everyone in my neighborhood to use Steven for all  repairs.

- Margaret S. March 18, 2016

Steven is excellent and polite. I love American Appliance Repair.

- John R. March 18, 2016

I loved Andrew and he is a genius.

- Pat P. March 18, 2016

John was awesome and fantastic, and Desi was a sweetheart!

- Patti M. March 18, 2016

Tom was great. Came in an finished the job so quickly. Very friendly and I will use Tom again.

- William C. March 18, 2016

Very happy with tech Steven, very professional and informed.

- Jodi W. March 18, 2016

Love Tom and is such a good technician, prompt and friendly.

- Mark S. March 18, 2016

So happy with Edgar. He came out and provided a good service. I will use Edgar in the future!

- Robert R. March 18, 2016

Steven did a great job and relieved all of my stress!

- Shadia R. March 18, 2016

The tech was very nice and got me my info quickly.

- Jerry B. March 18, 2016

Steven was excellent and I was very happy with his service.

- Neil M. March 18, 2016

John is a special guy and very honest. I was very happy with him. He is great!

- Sarah F. March 18, 2016

The office is great. They are doing a great job!

- Dale I. March 18, 2016

John was extremely polite, professional and we really enjoyed his service. Staff is great! I will pass out company card to all our neighbors.

- Ron G. March 18, 2016

Sales tech was a real jewel, very professional, thorough, very polite and courteous.

- Ann M. March 18, 2016