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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

Get your garbage disposal back to the daily grind with help from our experienced technicians.

You flick the switch to your garbage disposal…but you don’t hear that familiar gentle purr. Maybe you hear a horrible grinding scream, or maybe you hear nothing at all. In either case, something needs to be done.

Why waste your time (and risk your fingers) trying to fix your garbage disposal on your own? You can call American Appliance Repair for fast, reliable, and affordable solutions to any kind of garbage disposal problem. For example, we can fix:

  • Jammed garbage disposals: If you try to force too much waste down the disposal at once, it can jam. Depending on the type of garbage disposal different techniques are required to clear the jam.
  • Noisy garbage disposals: We can quiet your garbage disposal by removing foreign objects or by replacing old and worn screws, flyweights, lugs, blades, etc.
  • Leaky connections: Leaks between the unit and the sink or the unit and the pipe may indicate a bad flange or gasket, which we can replace. Leaks in the body of the unit itself mean you need a new garbage disposal.
  • Lack of power: Assuming there is power to the unit, it has likely overheated and simply needs to be reset.

Our experienced technicians know exactly how to solve these kinds of garbage disposal issues without risking anyone’s safety or leaving a mess in your kitchen.

Now you may wonder…

…what if my garbage disposal isn’t worth repairing?

If your garbage disposal is quite old or has suffered significant damage, it might be more convenient and more cost-effective to simply buy a new one, rather than continuing to tinker with a finicky old unit.

After 30 years of experience with garbage disposal repair, we have developed an expert eye for which units have useful life left in them and which units should really be replaced. You can rely on us to provide our honest opinion as to your best option.

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