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Did Your Dishwasher Stop in the Middle of a Cycle? 5 Potential Reasons

Did Your Dishwasher Stop in the Middle of a Cycle? 5 Potential Reasons

A dishwasher is a very helpful appliance – but only if it is working correctly. If you have opened your dishwasher expecting clean dishes, only to discover that the cycle did not complete, then there may be an issue. Keep reading to find out five potential reasons this could happen and then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if you need dishwasher repair services.

  1. You Have a Blown Fuse or Thermal Fuse
  2. The most common cause of a dishwasher stopping prematurely and not starting again is that you have blown a fuse in your fuse box. If you have lights on your dishwasher, see if they are lighting up. If they are then you have power to your appliance and this is not the issue. If they are not on, push the buttons to see if you can get them to light up. If you cannot, then you are not getting power to the dishwasher.

    There is also a fuse within your dishwasher called a thermal fuse. It is there for safety reasons and only trips if the dishwasher gets so hot that it is dangerous. If this happens, the thermal fuse will need to be replaced but more will need to be done as well. There is always another underlying cause if the thermal fuse has tripped.

  3. There is a Problem with the Door Latch
  4. If the door latch is faulty then your dishwasher may stop operating in the middle of a cycle. This is really a safety feature because it prevents hot water from spraying out of your dishwasher in the middle of the cycle. If the issue is the latch then you will need to have a replacement part installed.

  5. It Could Be an Issue with Your Electronic Control Board
  6. As the “brains” of your dishwasher, it makes sense that an issue with it could cause serious issues. The control board is supposed to last as long as your dishwasher does and if it does not then you may be replacing your dishwasher sooner than you expected. One of the signs that it could be going is that your unit could cut out in the middle of a cycle. However, if this is the cause then it is very likely there are other issues happening at the same time.

  7. Your Dishwasher May Not Be Getting Enough Water Pressure
  8. Turn on any faucet in your home to see if the water is running. If it is not, then you may not have water at all and it could be due to an outage. If you do have water then it could be that the water pressure in your home is so low that it could not continue to power your dishwasher. This is something a plumber would need to look at.

  9. It Needs to Be Replaced
  10. No one wants to hear this but it may be that your dishwasher has come to the end of its lifecycle. Before you give up on it though, contact American Appliance Repair to see if we can fix it.

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