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Are You Dealing with a Terrible Smell Coming from Your Refrigerator? Learn How to Clean It Out

Are You Dealing with a Terrible Smell Coming from Your Refrigerator? Learn How to Clean It Out

If you have ever opened your refrigerator only to notice a terrible smell, then you know how awful this can be. It might seem that the source of the smell should be obvious but this is often far from the truth. Keep reading to get ideas on how to find the smell in your refrigerator and then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if you are in need of refrigerator maintenance and repair.

Take Everything Out and Scrub Out the Interior of Your Fridge

This might seem like obvious advice but that is just it – this is the obvious place to start. And we say take everything out, we mean every single thing. Use a simple combination of soap and water to scrub every interior surface of your fridge. Use a sponge to clean it out. Take out the shelves. Take out the drawers and soak them. Then finish by going over everything with a swipe of vinegar and water.

Check All of Your Containers

Before you put any container back in your fridge, open it and determine if the smell is coming from within it. Do not assume that anything is out of bounds. Look at dates on your condiments and other long-term fridge inhabitants to see if they are expired. Once you have determined that the contents of a container are fine, wipe down the outside of it. Only then is it clean enough to return to your fridge.

Clean Out the Vents on Your Refrigerator

There are two areas of your fridge with vents. First, check the ones between your freezer and fridge. This vent circulates cold air to ensure that air in your fridge is fresh. If it is blocked, you not only could get a smell but the temperature could be unreliable. Clean off the vent and ensure that food containers do to cover it.

The second vent is under your fridge and it exhausts heat from the fridge’s compressor. This vent can not only get dirty but can be home to mold that has a terrible smell. Remove the vent and clean it with a combination of soapy water and vinegar.

Baking Soda Can Be a Great Deodorizer

The unfortunate fact is that the plastic your fridge is made up of can actually hold smells for quite a period of time. The easiest way to get smells out of plastic – and out of the air – is to use baking soda. You can even get special baking soda that has a screen you can open so that you do not have to worry about knocking the box over. Just put it in your fridge and you should see a difference within the first few days.

It is possible that your refrigerator smells off because it needs maintenance or repair. If that is the case, contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 for help.

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