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My Water Filter is Stuck in My Kitchen Aid Refrigerator

Dealing with a stuck water filter in your Kitchen Aid refrigerator is a frustrating situation. At American Appliance Repair we are here to help provide simple troubleshooting options below. If you are in need of additional help or a service call, please reach out at 800-640-9934.

How to Remove a Stuck Water Filter in the Base Grill

If your refrigerator’s water filter is near the bottom-front of your appliance (aka in the grille area) then it should come out and go back in easily. If it feels as though it is stuck, it may be as simple as it not being turned the right way or the button not being pushed in all the way.

How to Check a Quarter Turn Filter

If your filter is a quarter turn filter, turn the filter a quarter to the left. This should align the cap vertically. Then pull the water filter straight out. On some models, you will then have to remove the cap. If you have a model that has this type of removable cap, be sure that you put the cap on the new filter when you replace it.

If the quarter turn filter is stuck, put a piece of cloth over the cap to prevent the cap from being damaged. Grab some standard pliers, lock them onto the water filter cap, and then turn the cap a quarter term. If you do not have easy access to your filter, you may remove the bottom grille on your refrigerator by following the installation instructions.

Then pull the water filter straight out. Note that if you put too much pressure or force on the water filter, it could break and result in internal damage to the water system. We recommend firm pressure but if it feels as though it is truly stuck and in danger of breaking, stop right away.

How to Check a Push Button Filter

First, find the button on the base of the grille. Push the button in until the water filter has come out from the filter assembly and then remove the water filter. If this does not work and the filter is stuck, press and hold the button while the water filter is ejected. Push the filter and then push the button again. This should disengage the filter from the assembly.

If this does not work either, then unplug your refrigerator and take off the bottom grille. This should give you better access to the stuck filter. Then firmly press the button and check to see if the filter has moved at all. If it has, then push it back in and push the button again. Do not forget to take off the filter cap at the end of the filter.

How to Check a Filter Located within the Refrigerator

Open up the door for the water filter compartment. The door should open in an upward direction and when it is open, the filter should be easy to pull out completely. If this is not the case, try to close and re-open the water filter compartment door. Make sure that the door is entirely open.

If this does not work, turn off the water source to the refrigerator and purge the water from the water line via the water dispenser. Do this to get rid of several cups of water, then release water pressure from the water line. Try again to remove the water filter.

If the water filter within your refrigerator has a push button or pull tab, open the water filter compartment door and turn the filter to the left and pull it straight out. If it does not come out, make sure the compartment door is openly entirely. This may require you to move some shelves if they are located too closely to the water filter compartment. Then turn the filter counterclockwise and pull it straight out.