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My Sub Zero Refrigerator Is Not Making Ice

If your Sub Zero Refrigerator is not making ice then you are not getting the full benefits from your appliance. Try the troubleshooting options below. If your unit is still not making ice, contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 to set up an appointment.

Your Ice Maker Takes 24 Hours to Produce Ice

If you have just had your Sub Zero refrigerator installed, note that it takes a full 24 hours for ice to be produced. If you have had your refrigerator or ice maker turned off, give it another 24 hours to produce ice before following through on other troubleshooting steps.

Make Sure Your Icemaker is On

Just because your refrigerator is on does not mean that your ice maker is on. The specific way to check if your icemaker is on will depend on the particular model you have. Check your owner’s manual or contact us for assistance.

Look for Service Messages, Error Codes, or Icons

Your Sub Zero refrigerator is designed to tell you when something is wrong. If there is a mechanical reason for your ice maker to not be working, then there may be an error code, message, or icon showing that tells you what the issue is. Your owner’s manual will identify what the issue is based on the code or message you are seeing.

Check Your Freezer Temperature

A freezer that’s too warm will not make ice correctly. The manufacturer recommends the freezer temperature be set to 0°F. It can actually be set as high as 5°F but if it is set above that, the ice maker may not work correctly. If you find that your freezer is warmer than that, despite having set it to a lower temperature, then you may need service.

Maintenance Can Make All the Difference

Check your condenser to see if it is clean. If it is not, then this could be causing the problem and your manual will tell you how to clean it. Make sure that your change the water filters as often as the manufacturer recommends. Depending on whether you have a built-in or integrated ice maker, this could be every six months to a year. If you have an inline water filter, make sure it is not expired.

Confirm that You Have Good Water Pressure to Your Ice Maker

Without proper water pressure, your ice maker will not work correctly. The level of water pressure your particular model will need is either 20-100 PSI or 35-120 PSI. Likewise, make sure that your water supply lines have not been turned off.

Check for Proper Installation

Has your ice bucket been installed correctly? It should be level and seated in place. Depending on your Sub Zero model, the ice bucket may also press the switch to turn on the ice baker. Make sure that the shut-off arm is in the down position. If the arm is up, turn off the unit and then push the ice maker arm down. Note that it only moves an inch.

Look at the Ridder Arm

Your Sub Zero ice maker has a white plastic rudder arm attached to the shut-off arm. If it not properly attached, reattach it. If you notice that it is broken or cracked then you will need to replace the ice maker shut-off arm in its entirety.

Check for Obstructions

If your ice maker has jammed ice cubes then it may stop making ice. In this instance, pointing a hair dryer at the fill tub and ice mold for a few minutes will melt down the ice cubes and free them. Verify that the ice maker water fill tube has not also been obstructed. Once you have cleared an obstruction, turn off the ice maker and turn it back on. This resets it so that it will start making ice again. Remember that it will take up to 24 hours for ice to be produced.

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