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My Sub Zero Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

If you have noticed your Sub Zero refrigerator is leaking water, the first thing to do is to open your fridge and look at the back wall to see if there is frost, ice buildup, or condensation. If any of these are present, then there may be an issue with the drain trough or drain tube on the back wall of your crisper drawer. If it is clogged, water can sit against the door gasket, which can cause water to drop out of the gasket when the door is opened. This can be fixed by simply clearing out the clog.

Determine Where the Water is Coming From

The way to treat a leaking Sub Zero refrigerator will depend in part on where the water was coming from.

Water Leaking from the Top of the Refrigerator

Open the grille at the top of the refrigerator to see if you can determine where the water is coming from. If your model has a dual water valve, and water is leaking from it, then you will need to shut off the main water valve.

If your fridge has a water filter cartridge then this could be the cause of the leak. Remove the water filter from the manifold and inspect it to ensure the O-ring gaskets are where they are supposed to be on the filter prongs. If they are not, then the filter may be leaking. Inspect the cartridge to see if it is damaged or cracked.

Note that it is normal for a few drops of water to spill out of the water filter when it is being replaced but if there are more than a few then you will need to have your unit inspected. Do not get rid of the cartridge as it may be needed.

If you have water leaking from the top of your fridge and the above did not fix the issue then it is time to call for help from an experienced technician.

Water Leaking from Under the Refrigerator

If there is more than a pint of water that has leaked out from under your refrigerator, then the issue is likely with the water valve on your refrigerator or your home plumbing connection to the fridge. Turn off your water supply and then remove the kickplate from the refrigerator. Find the home water supply connection to your fridge.

If water is leaking from this location then you will need the help of a technician. If the water is leaking from the valve on the refrigerator, then the fix may be as simple as replacing the water valve. If the leak is coming from the drain pan area, inspect the pan for cracks or damage and replace it if needed. If your drain pan is in good shape but water is overflowing form it, make sure it is both installed correctly and leveled.

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