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How Much Ice Should My Ice Maker Make?

The amount of ice your ice maker should be making will be almost entirely dependent on the particular freezer and ice maker you have. Different models offer different capacities. However, there are some factors that can affect ice production in your ice maker.

Ice Temperatures Can Affect How Much Ice Your Ice Maker is Producing

One of the factors that has a big impact on how much ice your ice maker is producing is the temperature of your freezer. If your freezer has a knob with 1 – 5 as options then it should be set to 5. Check your particular model to see what the setting should be on.

In addition to the temperature setting, how often you open the door can impact your freezer temperature. Note that every time you open it, you are immediately dropping the temperature inside. This does not make a huge difference if you open it a few times per day but if you open it repeatedly then it could prevent ice from forming.

Finally, the food load will affect how cold your freezer is. The more food you have in your freezer, the more stable the temperature is – and the more effectively your freezer can work. Think of it like this: The frozen items in your freezer act as insulators to keep the inside cold. Ideally you should keep your freezer about three-fourths full. If you do not have enough food for this then we recommend filling plastic jugs 2/3rds full of water until the load is increased to the recommended three-fourths volume.

Your Ice Maker Will Not Start Making Ice Until it is Properly Installed

If you have just had a new freezer or fridge/freezer combo installed and it is not making ice, make sure that the ice maker itself is turned on. It will not start making ice until it has gotten down to around 15 degrees or cooler. It can take up to 24 hours for an ice maker to start cycling after it has been installed.