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Do I Have to Use an Authorized Service Center for Appliance Repair?

If your appliance has seen better days and is in need of a repair, your first question is like: Do I have to use an authorized service center for appliance repair? The answer is not as simple as yes or no. The truth is that it depends on what your warranty says. However, there are a number of reasons that it always pays to turn to an authorized service center for all your appliance repair needs.

Becoming an Authorized Service Center is Harder Than You May Think

When you work with a company that is an authorized service center for your appliance, you are choosing a company that has been through an extensive process to earn that accreditation. Yes, it involves training but it also involves evaluating a company’s available hours – including scheduled and after-hours help – results of criminal background checks of employees, evidence of customer experience, and much more.

Manufacturers want to know first and foremost that a repair center can properly maintain and repair their appliances – but that is just the start. They also want to know that the proper licenses and insurance in place and whether a company is trustworthy.

Proven Expertise is Required for All Appliance Repair and Maintenance Services

The stamp of approval from a manufacturer comes only after a company has proven their expertise. This requires technicians going through a specialist training process utilizing test equipment and real world experience. Technicians must study products to learn how to properly estimate repair costs and they must maintain ongoing education to keep their accreditation. No matter how “simple” the project is, a factory authorized service center provides the specialist care that is needed.

You Can Get Genuine Parts with an Authorized Service Center

Appliance manufacturers develop lists of replacement parts and their authorized service centers generally carry most of these parts in stock. This gives you faster access to higher-quality products.

Your Warranty Will Not Be Invalidated by an Authorized Service Center

Depending on the specifics of your appliance, your warranty, and the issue, if you hire an unauthorized dealer, you could end up invalidating your warranty. This would lead to unauthorized technicians making potential mistakes – and having none of their actions covered by your warranty.

Authorized Service Centers Help You with Recalls

Technicians at factory authorized service centers are required to stay up to date on the latest recalls. They will alert you if there is relevant recall information and provide you with the repair help you need.