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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Dryer Belt

If you notice these 4 problems you’re in luck because a dryer belt is an easy fix.

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Dryer BeltThe ability to get clean, dry clothes on demand is a cornerstone of modern life. If you’ve ever lived in a home or apartment without its own onsite laundry, or had your own machines break down, you know how inconvenient it can be to rely on a laundrymat. Fortunately, if your washer or dryer starts acting up, you can turn to American Appliance Repair for fast and effective repairs.

When it comes to washer and dryer repairs, it’s interesting to note that the severity of the problem doesn’t necessarily correspond to the cost of the repair. In other words, though the problem may seem major (such as a dryer that won’t start at all) the fix might well be simple and inexpensive.

One excellent example of such a repair is a faulty dryer belt. Here are 4 possible problems that could indicate you need to replace the dryer belt.

  1. Dryer Won’t Start. Of course, there are many possible reasons your dryer might not respond when you push the start button. You could have an electrical problem, a power supply problem, a door sensor problem, or some other issue. However, this problem can also be caused by a faulty dryer belt so you will need to check for that possibility too.
  2. Dryer Stops Before Clothes Are Dry. If the dryer stops spinning before the clothes are actually dry and will not turn back on, the problem is most likely the dryer belt. If you can get the unit to spin again after a premature stop, the issue may be the sensor that detects moisture in the machine.
  3. Belt Noises. Rhythmic thumping sounds that can’t be blamed on a sneaker or other heavy item going round and round in the dryer are most likely caused by a loose dryer belt. If you can stand the noise, you could wait to get a dryer repair until the belt actually breaks. But it would be more convenient—and actually better for your dryer in terms of wear and tear—if you just replaced the belt now.
  4. Drum Won’t Turn. If you can hear your dryer motor running, but the drum just isn’t moving at all, the problem is almost certainly your dryer belt. Without the belt attached, the motor can run all it wants and the drum will never move.

Call American Appliance Repair for Help

The good news is that a new dryer belt is one of the more inexpensive parts you might need for a dryer repair. Depending on the brand and model of dryer you have, you might spend $10 to $40 on a new belt, plus labor if you choose to have it professionally installed. Call 800-640-9934 now to have one of our expert repair techs come troubleshoot your machine and see if you are correct in suspecting that a bad dryer belt is the problem.

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